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Posté : Mar 30 Mai 2017 18:44
par skarx1

As was to be expected, we've noticed that Tanoa structures - part of the new terrain introduced in the Apex expansion - are also frequently used on community-made terrains. However, this could create an obstacle for those who do not own Apex and still want to play on the community terrains. To ensure better compatibility, we'll be making the structures part of every Arma 3's player data, which means that everyone will be able to enjoy terrains that are based on Apex assets and vegetation, whether you own Apex or not. Access to the Tanoa terrain itself will remain limited to owners. This change will become active with Update 1.72, but Dev-Branch players can already benefit from it right now.

en gros même ceux qui ne détiennent pas APEX, ne seront plus embêter avec les structures et végétation d'APEX. Toutefois ceux qui ne possèdent pas APEX, ne pourront pas jouer sur TANOA.

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Posté : Mar 30 Mai 2017 19:05
par Preda
J'en connais qui vont être content !

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Posté : Mar 30 Mai 2017 20:29
par Makhno
Si seulement ils le livrent décrypté surtout :)